You’re a real,
actual person. That’s why I write.

Even better: you and me, we’re not alone. And we humans need to grin sometimes, and face uncomfortable possibilities, even if the possibilities are more wonderful than we’ve let ourselves believe.

I Wrote a Book.

We all have thorns or will someday soon. A chronic illness. A difficult relationship. A persistent heartache.

In March of 2020, I was a healthy 30-something with a husband, two kids, a pug, and a professional acting career. A month later, I would be fighting an illness that my health team would come to believe was COVID-19. For the next year and a half, the virus would plague me with debilitating symptoms that would be further complicated by a cancer scare and surgery.

How was I supposed to pray through these long-term issues? How was I to think about chronic suffering? It turns out, there were people who could help me — but most of them were 500 years old.

Chronic Grace: Prayers, Saints, and Thorns That Stay
is a memoir for anyone who needs to hear that as chronic and inexplicable as a "thorn" may be, there is an equally chronic, equally inexplicable dynamic keeping up alongside it. That dynamic is grace.

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Maybe you’d like to hear from me occasionally? Every six weeks or so, I’ll send a little homing pigeon with a message to your inbox, and maybe you’ll reply. I’d love to know more about you! I’ll plan to keep you in the loop with the latest writing and performing news + freebies/deals. I also have many thoughts about things that might be encouraging to you — or at least mildly amusing — blogs, articles, book reviews, pictures. Pen pals are fun!

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A Short Biography

Hi, I’m Julie K. Rhodes.

I write nonfiction articles and books. I live in Fort Worth, TX with horses and cows and cheese enchiladas and my husband Gordon and my teenagers Drew and Maddie and my ridiculous pug Eloise, aka “The Eyeballs.”

I write for blogs and publications. Lately, I’ve been a contributor to MadeWorthy Media’s publication and blog. For a long time, I edited a magazine.

My first book releases this fall from Leadership Books, and I couldn’t be happier or more in need of stress-eating Takis.


I talk real good, but I speak even better. Maybe my story would be helpful for your group? I’d love to speak to your people. (Or just talk to them. Or let them talk to me. Or we could sit in silence for one hour.)

Topics could include: living with chronic illness, juggling kids and illness, living with Long Covid, prayer practices, performing, or the art of writing. I want to connect with your audience in a way that serves them best.

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"Julie Rhodes is the Midge Maisel of evangelicalism: prim, smart, funny, and honest.”

Ryan Sanders, Commentary Editor, The Dallas Morning News

"Julie Rhodes’ soul-open memoir transcends the path of description."

- Dr. Scot McKnight, author of A Church Called Tov

"Can I be honest? I couldn’t put Julie’s story down."

- Jodie Niznik, host of the So Much More podcast

Get in Touch

Want to work together? So do I. I’d love to consider appearing on your show, writing for your publication, or speaking to your people.

I’m willing to travel beyond the exotic locale of north Texas, depending on the occasional dance and/or theater performances of my talented and beautiful and very expensive children.

Contact my publisher/speaker representative here or fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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Did you know I'm also an actor?

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